Why not exercise on hcg diet

By | June 11, 2020

why not exercise on hcg diet

Unsubscribe at any time! And when you burn too many calories you get too hungry forcing you to eat something that is not listed on the approved HCG food list. In addition, I lost weight MUCH faster, had to adjust my dose less often, and felt like the entire round was just easier. Adding exercise, on the other hand, is where many HCGers tend to go wrong, unfortunately. The following information is for educational purposes only. If you avoid intense exercise you won’t have to suffer through unnecessary bouts of hunger and you’ll have more energy to do other things throughout the day. Aside from this, exercise may increase your feeling of well-being while on the hCG program as well. Today I did only 7. While you may be able to continue your previous workout program on hCG, you may find that you still have to turn down the intensity of it. The only way to lose fat is to get fat cells to exit your body through perspiration or your urinary tract. We understand many people like to keep active for the physical benefits, the overall feeling of well-being and improved mental health.

Also, the protocol is not very forgiving when it comes to cheating. I do about a mile on a treadmill and miles on a stationary bike everyday. At the same time, losing so much fat so quickly appears to be a bit more of a strain on the body than just maintaining your weight- I read 2 articles that say pretty much the same thing, that the process involving breaking down your fat involves more work on the part of your adrenal glands. Trackbacks […] on your body specifically on your back. This might not sound too bad but keep in mind that muscles burn more calories. Our bodies are more interested in homeostasis keeping things balanced and the same than in math. Once you get to phase 4 your normal exercise routine will be no problem and you should continue your healthy eating habits.

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