What to replace sugar with in your diet

By | December 30, 2020

what to replace sugar with in your diet

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Eat Empowered, Sugar. Thanks to more awareness of how much sugar is hiding in packaged foods and new research on how harmful to our health the sweet stuff really is, many people are trying to eat less sugar. As an RD, that fact makes me do a little dance of joy! But sweeteners offered as a replacement are often just as bad for your health. Ones to definitely avoid? The best plan, of course, is to break up with sugar altogether, and I created a practical Step Guide to help you do just that. But for moments when you really, really just need a little sweetness, there are better options out there. Keep reading for the basic facts on sugar substitutes from natural sources. What it is : A syrup that comes from the same spiky plant Tequila is made from. Pros: Agave has a pretty neutral flavor and is touted for its low glycemic index meaning it may not spike blood sugar as much as other sweeteners.

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