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Is cherry coke on clear liquid diet

Coffee, tea hot or cold, Kool-Aid, soda, clead, coke supplements if recommended by your doctor. Coke now. Although the clear liquid diet may not be very exciting, it does fulfill its purpose. They should be reserved for those recovering from the flu, not someone in liquid health who is about to have a colon screening!… Read More »

Why do liquid diets work

Diets involving replacement shakes, smoothies and soups are often dismissed as fad or crash diets, with no long-term potential for maintaining weight loss. But a new study shows they could be more effective than the route the NHS currently goes down with obese patients. Being obese, or having a Body Mass Index BMI of over… Read More »

Liquid diet menu weight loss

A liquid diet is a simple and quick solution for weight loss. It involves consuming foods in liquid form. Doctors often prescribe the diet to patients with digestive problems, recovering from injuries, or about to undergo surgery. While it is not effective as a long-term weight loss plan, a day on a liquid diet can… Read More »