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Why not exercise on hcg diet

Unsubscribe at any time! And when you burn too many calories you get too hungry forcing you to eat something that is not listed on the approved HCG food list. In addition, I lost weight MUCH faster, had to adjust my dose less often, and felt like the entire round was just easier. Adding exercise,… Read More »

Muscle building diet carbs

Next to the workout plan, the appropriate diet is one of the most important factors in building muscle and is key to achieving your personal training objectives. In order for your diet to complement and support your muscle building efforts, there are a few things you need to check and determine in advance. The diet… Read More »

Zero processed sugar diet

To make your own date paste, all you need are pitted dates and purified water. Try flavoring your own plain yogurt with berries. I made zero pizza I mentioned on sugar separate occasions one time with stuffed crust! Replacing these drinks with diet herbal tea, coffee without sugar, diet mineral water, or just water can… Read More »