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10-day detox diet book

A month ago, that was what spurred me to embark on a day cleanse. My complaints were low-grade. I had started to slip into some bad habits: a little too much wine a little too regularly, late nights glued to my computer, snacking more often than having balanced meals, and slipping in some gluten products… Read More »

Lyme disease cured by ketogenic diet

However, some health experts suggest the figure is likely lower than how many Americans actually get infected. Lyme disease comes from infection of the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi. It can be transmitted to humans through the bite of black-legged ticks or deer ticks, which are so tiny that they commonly are hardly noticed. The infection in… Read More »

Water diet coke meme

Diet Coke is not killing you. It depletes nutrition from my body. If I give it up, my tastebuds will come to life, and my headaches will disappear. My bones will strengthen, and my attitude will even get better. My dog and my cat will start getting along. If there was any truth to these… Read More »