Planetary health diet united states

By | November 19, 2020

planetary health diet united states

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The way we eat and produce food has become so destructive to the environment and our health that it now threatens the long-term survival of the human species, an international commission of 37 scientists write in a sprawling new Lancet report. We now have so many interconnected food-related crises — climate change, pollution, and food waste, not to mention malnutrition and obesity — that it will be impossible to feed the 10 billion people expected by unless we make dramatic changes to our diets and farming practices, the researchers argue. Though there are huge variations around the world in what and how much we consume, we are all in this existential crisis together. It would require a radical revamping of our food culture — prioritizing sustainability and collective survival over food hedonism and tradition. A few researchers and doctors have also quibbled with some of the details in the dietary advice, and whether we really know what a healthy diet for all humans looks like. Relative to average global consumption patterns, everyone should eat half as much red meat and sugar, and twice as many nuts, fruits, vegetables, and legumes. Per person, this means about less than half an ounce of red meat per day, or one serving of red meat one quarter-pound hamburger per week. The targets are similarly stringent for other animal products, recommending less than one ounce of white meat such as chicken, one ounce of fish, one-quarter of an egg, and 9 ounces of milk per day. According to Walter Willett, a professor of nutrition and epidemiology at Harvard University and the lead author on the report, there is strong evidence of the health benefits of plant-based diets. Francesco Branca, the head of nutrition at the World Health Organization and a Lancet co-author, says the report is also largely in line with WHO recommendations on fats and carbohydrates. But, of course, the planetary health diet is not just about human health. As Marco Springmann, a University of Oxford researcher and a member of the commission, showed in a recent Nature paper, animal products generate the majority of food-related greenhouse gas emissions 72 to 78 percent of total agricultural emissions.

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Food systems have a major impact on climate change. This diet is good for both people and the planet: it is healthier, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and could halve food loss and waste by This article explains why your city should pursue changes to its urban food system. Food production is one of the biggest drivers of environmental change. It is a major contributor to biodiversity loss, freshwater use, change in land use and deforestation. It produces large quantities of nitrous oxide N 2 O and methane CH 4, both of which are very powerful greenhouse gases, as well as smaller quantities of carbon dioxide CO 2. The Planetary Health Diet involves eating lots of fruit, vegetables, nuts and legumes, and smaller amounts food from animal sources. Specifically, it is a balanced and nutritious diet which provides each adult up to 2, calories a day, includes no more than 16kg of meat per year or around g per week and 90kg of dairy per year or around g per day. Widespread transition to the Planetary Health Diet would dramatically reduce emissions and enable the global food system to provide a balanced, nutritional diet for 10 billion people — which is vital given global population growth projections. It would also save 11 million lives every year due to the reduced impact of diet-related diseases. Around a third of all food produced globally is either lost or wasted.

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