Maine veterinarians and raw food diet

By | December 31, 2020

maine veterinarians and raw food diet

The raw-based diet that Dupuis, who has a background in animal nutrition, feeds her 6-year-old boxer mix, Sophie, and 5-year-old American bulldog, Maizy, contains ingredients such as ground meat, bone, organs and vegetables she feels she can trust. Davis said pets do not need the fillers — such as corn, wheat and soybeans — often found in commercial foods, which she said can be difficult for dogs or cats to digest. That, however, is not always the case, according to Dr. The safest way to feed pets, Walsh said, is to make sure the food comes from a manufacturer subject to U. Food and Drug Administration guidelines. Those same guidelines, she said, trigger recalls when a pet food is found to be out of compliance of the health and safety regulations. It is understandable, Walsh said, that ongoing pet food recalls — there have been 85 in the past year — can shake consumer confidence. If a product is [federally] regulated and safeguards are in place, then on a common-sense level those regulated products are likely more safe. Food coming from a smaller, even home-based business is not subject to those FDA regulations. Reputable raw dog food is certified by the Association of American Feed Officials, which assures the raw ingredients have gone through stringent processes to eliminate any unsafe bacteria, Davis said. But you really need to be conscious of sanitary procedures.

The Maine Coon raw food diet has become increasingly popular in recent years, but is it right for your Maine Coon cat? Selecting the best diet for a Maine Coon Cat can be confusing since there are so many conflicting viewpoints. You want to ensure your treasured gentle giant is getting the nutrients it needs to feel and look its absolute best, but who should you trust? In this article, we explain both the advantages and disadvantages of the raw food Maine Coon diet, so owners feel confident selecting the most appropriate diet for their cat. Maine Coon cats should be fed a diet high in protein. Raw food diets are beneficial for these large cats digestive tracts, which cannot properly handle all the preservatives found in traditional cat food. Raw food diets are especially important for Maine Coon Cats because of their larger size, and specific nutritional requirements. The Maine Coon Raw Food Diet is the very best option for you and your cat, but why is that is true, why do some people disagree, and how you can implement a raw food diet for your Maine Coon.

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