Keto diet recipe for bone broth

By | June 15, 2020

keto diet recipe for bone broth

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Pin it Follow us Bone broth is one of the essential keto-friendly foods everyone should know how to make. It’s my favourite cooking ingredient that boosts any meals with flavour, healthy gelatine and minerals, and it’s also great on it’s own, especially during cold winter months. Drinking bone broth is one of the best ways to replenish electrolytes sodium, magnesium and potassium and eliminate the symptoms of “keto-flu”. If you don’t have time to make bone broth or find it difficult to source grass-fed bones, there are a number of pre-made options available. They also use grass-fed bones and organic ingredients. You can buy their bone broth online disclosure: affiliate link. I love my new Instant Pot. Apart from slow cooking, there are 6 other functions.

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One of the reasons I love using the Instant Pot to make keto bone broth, is because the pressure cooking really breaks down the minerals in the bones and connective tissue. I have simmered pots of bone broth for days and still not gotten the softened bones that I can achieve with just an hour in my Instant Pot. No muss. No fuss. When I drain my bone broth, I press the bones and veggies into the strainer and they break down into a pile of mush. In addition, my keto bone broth never fails to solidify in the fridge, letting me know that all of that healthy collagen and gelatin from the bones and tissues has infused into it. They cost around a hundred dollars give or take depending on the time of year and are worth every penny. Many bone broths are made with lots of root vegetables included though, and that can add quite a lot of carbs. Homemade low carb bone broth is superior though, because it will give you not only the sodium you need, but also lots of other essential vitamins, minerals and electrolytes that support good health and a strong immune system.

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