Kerala diet plan for weight loss keto

By | October 14, 2020

kerala diet plan for weight loss keto

This Kerala diet plan for weight loss will change the way you look at diets. Weight Loss Diet need not necessarily be a boring affair. You could plan out an interesting weight loss plan for yourself which suits your palate. The key necessity here is awareness of what you eat. Hence I planned this calories Kerala diet plan for weight loss especially for my readers who love Kerala cuisine. When one is leading a very busy life, awareness of what you eat is pushed to the back burner. Realization dawns pretty late when you have already piled on the kilos. Therefore, a written plan or a personalized diet chart is a good idea to follow.

Dubbed the keto diet for short, this low carb, high-fat diet supplies the body with a plethora of healthy fats which are used as energy for our body instead of carbohydrates. This way of eating provides a nutritionally dense vegetable and protein base with high-fat energy for us to perform our best while maintaining a slim physique. A keto meal in its most simple form combines a protein, paired with a green vegetable or other low carb veg, and fats. This series of ketonic diet will provide a more inspired approach to these combinations that you can mix and match for a unique ketogenic eating experience. This vegetarian based curry dish challenges the assumptions that you need to have meat to be keto appropriate. Curries from the northern states in India have a different flavor profile than those of the south. This egg and cauliflower curry bases its ingredient list from the popular state of Kerala, India, located in the southern tip of the Indian peninsula.

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