Four diets for four blood types

By | October 19, 2020

four diets for four blood types

The book asserts that blood type affects the risk of specific diseases, which foods to eat, how to exercise, and what kinds of supplements to take. According to Eat Right For Your Type, our blood types differ partly as a result of what our ancestors ate, and they therefore give us guidance on what we should eat today. The book repeatedly implies that it is based on scientific evidence, but it does not cite references in support of any claim. We could not find any evidence supporting the major claims that blood type determines whether any given food is healthy or unhealthy for us, or that dietary lectins cause disease in humans in a blood type-specific manner. That said, there is also no evidence that blood types do not affect our response to specific foods. Because the foods allowed in each of the four blood type diets are very limited, following the recommendations will be fairly difficult for most people. These restrictions may also make it harder to meet certain nutrient needs. Whether the blood type diets provide any benefits beyond those of a generally recommended healthy diet remains uncertain. If you like what we do at Red Pen Reviews, please consider donating. To continue bringing you the most informative and objective book reviews available, we have to be able to pay our expert reviewers for their time, and you can make that happen. Peter J.

Customers who bought this item also bought. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Criterion 1. If your blood type is O: Eat meat high protein, low carbohydrate. Open Preview See a Problem? Even though the authors are to be commended for attempting to put the blood type diets to the test, the methods used in these studies do not provide much insight into whether the idea behind the blood type diets is valid. I’m good on the no dairy, but have you ever seen kelp in the produce aisle? He says that I am a meat eater and he is right.

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