Cat diet for liver disease

By | January 26, 2021

cat diet for liver disease

Our Expert. A moderate amount of highly-digestible proteins with a high energy content effectively reduces the burden caused by harmful metabolic products. Feeding Calculator. Finland – Suomi. Age: Several diseases, including liver dysfunction, are common in geriatric cats. Excess copper is also hepatotoxic and should be kept to minimal for pets with hepatic disease. Satiety’s Important Role in Your Cat’s Overall Weight and Health Knowing how to care for an overweight cat, including what type of cat food and activities are the most beneficial, will help avoid future health issues. Diet plays an important role in maintaining good liver health. For Dogs. The risk of FHL is increased in the obese cat.

Your veterinarian has just informed you that your cat has liver disease. Your vet may have recommended medications to treat the underlying cause of the problem, if it has been identified. Proper nutrition is also vital. It is important to understand the role the liver plays in health and what happens when it is not functioning properly. The liver has many functions, including. Most liver disorders are progressive. Liver dysfunction and eventual failure will lead to the accumulation of toxins causing nervous system and digestive tract abnormalities, the reduction of protein synthesis resulting in leaky blood vessels and fluid accumulation and clotting problems, and low blood sugar levels. Dietary therapy can help the liver to function as well as possible and reduce further damage to the liver. The goals of nutritional intervention are to. Your veterinarian can help you determine which diet is best.

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Tube feeding is considered the gold standard approach to refeed these patients. Home Views. This can vary with severity and the underlying cause depending on the liver disease itself, but it certainly can be painful. The goals of nutritional intervention are to. Success comes with patience. If the cat is unwilling to eat anything, a feeding tube should be placed to avoid a negative energy state and the development or worsening of hepatic lipidosis fatty liver syndrome.

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